Introduction to $REI

What is $REI?

$REI is the native token of REI Network which secures the running of REI Network. $REI has the following usages:

  • Gas Fee: When you send transaction on the REI Network , you can pay a small gas fee using $REI, This fee is a reward to the node for processing and verifying the transaction.

  • Governance Token: $REI can be used for REI DAO management, $REI holders can commit proposals and vote for system level proposals on

  • Validator Pledge Token: $REI can be used as a pledge token for node who want's to become a validator of REI Network

  • Voting token: $REI is the only voting token for node election

  • Stake for Free Gas: $REI holders are able to stake $REI to own $Crude, which can be used instead of gas

What is the responsibility of the $REI holder?

  • The responsibility of REI holders is primarily to ensure the stable and secure operation and ecological growth of the REI Network public chain by building governance processes and infrastructure that work, and to defend against proposals that do not support the core objectives of governance, which is in the core interest of REI holders.

  • REI holders need to openly communicate and express their views on the various issues being addressed by REI governance at any given time and seriously participate in the forum discussions; the content of the proposal and the logic behind it is one of the main criteria for measuring the quality of the proposal.

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