Voting for a Validator

Vote/Stake to a Validator

Step1: Navigate to

Step2: Click on Voting to Validator, enter validator address and submit the amount you want to stake/vote

Why am I not able to Stake?

Check if you have REI in your wallet on REI Network

I've staked to 0x...abcd, but not record find in ACTIVE VALIDATOR?

Because only the 21 nodes with the most votes are currently displayed in the list of activated nodes


Once you log in you will find this on the Validator of the Staking Dashboard. Here you will see an Unstake button for each of the validators. Click on the Unstake button for whichever validator that you had staked to.

Note: There will be a vesting period after unvote/unstake, find the pending unstake record in `Pending Unstake` Dashboard

Claim Vested Stake

You can find unstake list in Pending Unstaked Dashboard.

Once the vesting period is completed, the UNSTAKE button will be enabled and you can then claim your staked tokens to your wallet now.

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