Why REI Network need DAO?

DAO is a kind of spontaneous governance method by the community. Since 2019, DAOs with different functions have gradually emerged. Today, DAO is constantly exploring its utility and value in the realization of diversified purposes, multi-scenario applications, and ecosystems. DAO is the basic entry and interpretation in the Web 3.0 era, and it is also a concrete scene of a decentralized and discrete governance model based on blockchain.

The era of Web 3.0 is not only a necessary step for REI Network to transform itself as a technology carrier, but also as a social experiment in the crypto world itself needs to take a step forward.

Why can REI Network implement DAO?

The REI Network originated from the community construction of GXChain. It has been an important part of the public chain ecosystem since the establishment of GXChain, and it is also one of the largest and most active blockchain communities in the world. It includes core protocol developers, crypto-economic researchers, cypherpunks, node operators, $REIholders, application developers, and community users.

With the continuous precipitation and development over the years, the total coverage of the population has reached hundreds of thousands of people. The REI Network community currently covers more than 20 countries around the world, and the international community includes areas that are extremely popular in the crypto economy, such as South Korea, India, Spain, Russia, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asian countries.

In addition, the REI Network community also covers the aggregation community including the REI super node ecosystem, which is also one of the most active blockchain enthusiasts in the crypto world. The REI Network community has rich user portraits, super nodes, partners, ecosystem projects, and endogenous community KOLs.

At the same time, carrying the origin of REI Network community governance, GXChain will continue to build a larger and more differentiated crypto community in the future, deepening the consensus of REI Network and inspiring strong community governance and ecosystem construction ability.

The above objective conditions give us reason to believe that the conditions for realizing DAO autonomy on an EVM-compatible public chain with a broad community base and vitality are ripe, and the era of REI DAO has come.

What can DAO bring to REI Network?

Let the community vote on how to deploy their funds to support builders and developers for their own development. Community orientation inspires collective intelligence and empowers DAO to make decentralized decision-making capabilities that may outperform a single decision-maker.

DAO is a form of management organization with specific implementation methods for promoting community development. Compared with the community autonomy and proposal mechanism in the GXChain era, DAO is a more standardized, decentralized, and diversified management form, which can not only objectively and effectively reflect the actual needs of the community, but also the implementation plan that is compatible with the opinions of various sectors.

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