Become a Validator

A validator is a participant in the network who runs validator nodes to run and secure the network. Here are some steps to run a validator node in REI Network:

Step1: Setup a validator node

Following quick start to setup your nodes and make sure your validator node is fully synced.

pageQuick Start

Minimum system requirements

  • RAM: 16GB

  • CPU: 4-core

  • Storage: 500G SSD

  • Bandwidth: 10Mb/s

  • RAM: 32GB

  • CPU: 8-core

  • Storage: 1T SSD

  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

Step2: Submit a Validator Profile

This repository (repo) provides the details about offchain informations of validators.

REI Validator Profile Guideline

Step3: Vote/Stake to your node

You can stake on REI Network by following the guides below:

pageVoting for a Validator

Step4: Set commission rate

Commission rate represents the proportion of the validator's reward, which is a number from 0 to 100. It can only be set by the validator, and the interval between 2 modifications cannot be less than 24 hours.

Eg: If a validator sets the Commission rate to 40, then 40% of the rewards he receives will be distributed to all users who voted for this validator.

  • If the address in your wallet is a validator address, there will be a Set Commission Rate button appears beside Voting to Validator

  • Click on Set Commission Rate and enter a percent number you wanna share with voters

Step5: Claim validator reward

Click on Get Reward and Claim block producer rewards in the validator list

Node: The reward will be vested for 7 days before you can finally claim it, checkout Claim Vested Stake

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