How the REI DAO is implemented?

Multisig wallet: security and openness

The team uses the Genosis multisig wallet to ensure the centralization and transparency of the DAO. The above-mentioned funds will be implemented through the technical implementation of multi-signature wallets to realize the specific expenditure of funds under the jurisdiction of DAO. By using the Genosis multisig wallet, there will be multiple people jointly managing the funds and will satisfy both security and decentralization features.

75% principle:

The use of funds requires a multi-sig wallet, which is suitable for the decision-making scenario of the muti-people or institution. REI Network decided to use the multisig wallet management to implement distributed management of the overall capital flow. It minimizes the risk of asset loss when a single private key is lost, and the use of this part of the funds must be approved by 3/4 of the following four addresses to take effect.

The specific addresses with administrative rights are as follows:

  • 0x302...9e6D

  • 0x8cD...E092

  • 0xA12...FFe2

  • 0x524...4782

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