Jail Mechanism

Introduction to REI Network Jail Mechanism

Since the launch of the REI Network super nodes, the network has been running stably for nearly 90 days. With the active participation of community users and various governance roles, the total number of staked votes has exceeded 150 million. Each validator has made great contributions to the stable operation and security verification of REI Network. However, in the process of long-term operation, some problems also appeared.

During node operation, due to the uneven hardware facilities and operational capabilities of validators, some validators may miss blocks or even stop producing blocks, which affects the overall performance and network security of the REI Network to a certain extent.

To ensure validators do not abuse their power, the Jail Mechanism will be introduced to solve the problems of block loss and other node performance instability of validators.

What is the Jail Mechanism?

If the "super node" misses blocks ≥ 300 in one day, it will be thrown into jail.

Penalties in the Jail:

During this period, block production will be prohibited, and validators can choose to pay a fine of 20,000 REI to re-participate in block production. The fined 20,000 REI will be directly locked in the black hole address, and permanently cannot be withdrawn. Validators can also choose to withdraw all tokens and quit the node election, during this period, the tokens and node rewards staked by users and nodes will not be affected, and they can be freely withdrawn or reinvested in other nodes.


  • Real-time monitoring of validator block production status

  • Re-participate in block production and share the rewards after paying the fine

  • Validators can quickly query fine payment history

1. Validators and community users can check which validators have been Jailed in the Jail list

2. The validators can quickly pay the 20,000 REI penalty and re-participate in block production

3. Validators and community users can query the Jailed history of the current validator


The introduction of the Jail Mechanism will solve the problem that the continuous block loss of validators which affects the network stability and supervise the validator operators to further optimize the status of validators and improve the level of operation and maintenance, and further improve the security and stability of the chain.

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