Management content of REI DAO

REIcosystem & Marketing

As mentioned in "#Governance Proposal: From GXChain 2.0 to REI Network", the unlocked part of the team is upgraded to an "Ecosystem Grants". The team took out all the unlocked 25 million $GXC (250 million $REI) as Ecosystem Grants, and the specific distribution is as follows
  • 50 million $REI for marketing
  • 150 million $REI is used to incentivize developers and the ecosystem.
  • 50 million $REI for node rewards
In the above three parts, REIcosystem & Marketing will involve the marketing promotion of the team and the cost of ecosystem construction, including but not limited to the following parts:
  • Grants distribution: Grants are designed to support projects built on the REI Network to promote the improvement of the REI Network ecosystem. REI Network will specifically evaluate Grants based on the project’s influence, development prospects, team experience, and ecosystem relevance to decide the quantity of distribution.
  • Market promotion: For the ever-changing REI Network, it is necessary to maintain a high degree of industry acumen at all times. In the market and cooperation, transaction activity, team building, and content creation, the market recognition and global popularity of REI Network will be comprehensively promoted. Value return and other aspects ensure an efficient value transfer model.
  • Developer incentives: At the developer level, more incentives from community developers need to be given to promote their output, including the development of tool products, technical improvements, positive feedback, etc.
Apart from the specific payment method, which needs to be realized by REI DAO, all the expenses for marketing, operation, and ecosystem development are managed and spent in the way of DAO, and the distribution of node rewards is a linear process.

Advantage orientation of DAO governance

Governance based on REI DAO will bring the following changes:

Comprehensive and transparent community management.

The management method of REI DAO is all-around and transparent. Under the management of DAO, the expenditure of Marketing grants and REIcosystem / dev-grants will be carried out on a daily basis under the supervision and management of the community.

Distributed opinion collection mode.

The proposal submission process is different from the previous node governance method and the management method of the proposal proposed by the council. Under DAO governance, as long as a certain amount of $REI holding qualifications are met, a governance proposal can be put forward, so governance demands expression under these conditions will become flattered and distributed. On this basis, community opinions about future directions including protocol deployment, grants distribution, market budget allocation, and evolution route from REI DAO can be more efficiently and directly proposed in the form of "proposals".

Realization of REI Network governance value.

Decentralized governance through DAO encourages open participation in the ecosystem development of the REI Network. By holding governance tokens, participants not only have the opportunity to share the rewards associated with the marketization of REI Network, but also have the incentive to define where the system will go, and the economic and social impact it will have.