Governance Process

Step1: Community consensus

The first step in participating in governance is to initiate any discussion that benefits the REI Network and to build influence in the community so that more people agree with your proposal.

Step2: Consensus check

You will need to create a forum proposal thread in the Consensus Check section while adhering to the forum rules, use your influence to let more community members know about your idea, create a poll in the proposal feedback, and receive timely community feedback to get the final proposal.

Step3: Proposal review

Proposals will be reviewed by the REI DAO Council.

What is the REI DAO Council?

The Council is composed of 21 deliberators, and the first members will be invited from nodes, community members, pioneers, and project parties who have contributed to REI Network before, and later will be decided by the Council itself. The discussion process will be moderated and recorded by the council members in three sessions: motion presentation, motion review, and motion vote.

Step4: Voting

Provide voting tools and multiple voting strategies for surveying community sentiment on specific proposals or parameters, allowing every coin holder to participate more fairly in community governance.

pageVoting with Snapshot

Step5: Security mechanisms

  • The governance security mechanism mitigates or eliminates the negative impact of harmful proposals on the REI Network or REI DAO community by setting a time delay before formal implementation of the proposal.

  • New code is reserved for a 24-hour public notice period before deployment to REI Network, during which time all community members can review the code to confirm the security of REI Network. If the code is reviewed and is deemed to have any negative impact on REI Network, the deployment will be immediately cancelled.

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