Check BLS

How to check whether the validator starts bls correctly. After starting the validator after adding the bls unlock command, using the rei attach command to connect to the ipc.

rei attach --datadir ~/reiDataDir

Type in the console


Where blockNumber is the hexadecimal of the block height you want to view, it is recommended to use the latest block height. Press Enter to view the validator information, for example

> rei.getMinerInfo('0xe11791')
> {
	"coinbase": "0x9b1aa72d791cb5143ca5e3816d3920501af081cb",
	"unlockAccount": [
	"unlockBLSPublicKey": "0xb16c90a5b22add64a4989583f2338fabc34ee89cedca2fb5f9c1d42a9ea41cae65abd695f423424a661855b30d736cb8",
	"registerBLSPublicKey": "b16c90a5b22add64a4989583f2338fabc34ee89cedca2fb5f9c1d42a9ea41cae65abd695f423424a661855b30d736cb8"

Compare the public keys in the unlockBLSPublicKey and bls keystore files to see if they are the same

NOTE: registerBLSPublicKey will be displayed correctly after the block 15084585, and the previous block height will be displayed as null, but this does not affect.

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