Welcome to REI Network

REI Network is not a new project, but an upgraded version of GXChain. REI was developed to better adapt to the development trend of the blockchain, and to achieve a lightweight, Ethereum compatible, higher performance, and no fee blockchain framework

New Features

  • Compatible with EVM

  • Compatible with Ethereum's RPC and Websocket interfaces, and can support GRPC in the future

  • Rewrite the network module and use Libp2p instead of Devp2p (current Ethereum client solution), because we believe that Libp2p has better standards and can achieve better versatility and scalability

  • Realize lower resource consumption through the design of tokenomics (Gas Free)

  • Realize Systems contracts that can be soft-forked and upgraded. These contracts include: Staking/Slashing, ResourceManager and IBC contracts, etc.

  • Achieve a more efficient and more random consensus: DPoS+BFT, to ensure decentralization and be more green power

  • Realize the abstract consensus module, so that the code of REI Network can be easily combined and become a chain-making tool

Entry Points

REI Mainnet Settings:

REI Testnet Settings:

Quick Start

A guide to start REI Network Node

Quick Start

API Reference

Introduction to REI Network JSON-RPC specifications

API Reference

System Contracts

Introduction to REI Network System contracts

System Contracts

Good to know: The document is constantly being updated and improved, and you are welcome to ask us questions and suggestions


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