Frequently Asked Questions about REI DAO Governance

What is democratic consultation and discussion?

  • Democratic consultation discussion refers to the process of gathering feedback on community suggestions prior to voting, and anyone can participate in democratic discussion of governance, as can anyone who does not hold any $REI.

What is Voting?

  • Voting is the process of voting on proposals for implementation, and anyone holding $REI can participate in voting on these proposals.

Does anyone have the power to initiate proposals?

  • Yes, anyone has the power to initiate proposal discussions, instantly without holding any $REI.

What is the difference between Forum voting and Snapshot voting?

  • Forum voting to measure the consensus and voice of the current proposal.

  • Snapshot voting is the tool for performing proposal voting, with proposal voting governance by all $REI holders.

How do proposals initiated in the forum make it to the governance voting process?

  • The council of deliberators will review the proposals democratically and fairly, following the governance principles of REI DAO.

  • After the proposal has been reviewed and approved, the proposal will be submitted by a representative of the deliberators to initiate a vote for governance in Snapshot.

Can anyone create a governance poll?

  • No, only members of the Council of Deliberators have the authority to create governance proposals at Snapshot.

What is the Council of Deliberators?

  • REI DAO Council is composed of core team members, SuperNode and active community participants. The Council currently consists of 9 members and has the power to submit proposals for REI Network parameter changes, technical development directions and ecological bounty allocations.

What permissions are granted to my wallet address when Snapshot connects to Metamask?

  • Wallet Address Balance: $REI

Do I need to pay a gas fee every time I vote?

  • Voting in Snapshot, without paying any Gas.

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